Public Lands

We constantly are being told by bureaucrats in Washington on how our lands should be used and managed.

  • I will fight for a fair return on what is made off the land, materials and energy, back to our communities. 

  • Our wildlife needs to be managed at healthy levels to help sustain our ecosystems.

  • I will also fight to ensure everyone has equal access to enjoying these lands for recreational purposes and economic opportunities. 


The success of our future relies on the investments we put into our children and caring for our children is my priority. 

  • Early childhood education is a key aspect to any and all education discussion. 

  • States need to be given the authority to allow parents to choose the education path they feel is right for their child. 

  • I will advocate for students to gain access in using Pell Grants to attend either a short-term technical school or to obtain a college degree. 

Immigration & Border Security
Our immigration system has for a long time been a process to which people rely on to call America home. 

  • Safety to American citizens is our priority and we need to enforce our laws and hold a constant standard of right and wrong. 

  • We need to focus on creating a system that protects U.S. sovereignty and American citizens. 

  • Our democracy cannot exist without respecting the rule of law. 

Criminal Justice Reform

Having worked on criminal justice reform for the past two and a half years I know that when we all come together and create an environment where the willing are able to get a fair chance to rebuild their lives, we all win.

  • I will be focused on breaking the cycle of recidivism, lowering the crime rates in our neighborhoods, and restoring our communities.

  • I will continue to advocate for meaningful reforms providing opportunities for the willing and address the inadequacies of our judicial system. 

National Security & Protecting our Democracy

In the environment we face today, America is constantly under attack by adversaries from beyond our borders. 

  • Congress must invest in our safety and ensure we mitigate any future attacks before they happen through cooperation between federal agencies and our allied partners around the globe. 

  • We must also protect our inalienable rights – life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness – as we must not let our nation’s openness be also our weakness.

  • I will always fight to protect our second amendment rights and I am adamant about advancing responsible gun ownership and keeping guns out of the wrong hands. 

Jobs and Innovation

To stand for American families we must fight for pro-growth policies allowing our markets to thrive on their own creating jobs and entrepreneurship opportunities. 

  • I will fight to maintain our capitalistic society, where our successes are based on our own merits. 

  • I will always encourage innovation and develop a workforce that will draw and attract new businesses.


Being a cancer survivor and having lost my mother to cancer, I understand why healthcare continues to be an important issue facing Americans.

  • I will fight for better access to treatment and care, while not levying unruly taxes and requirements on individuals. 

  • Implementing socialized medicine will only diminish choice, drive down the quality of care, and cause the cost of healthcare to skyrocket. 

  • States need to gain control of creating a patient-centered system where the patients are provided an increase in choice and there is an increase in competition within the marketplace.

Social Security

Our young workers will have to be taxed at a higher rate or receive lower benefits to sustain the current levels being provided.

  • Congress needs to fix the Social Security system to protect and improve benefits for the most vulnerable while increasing incomes and opportunities for all workers.

  • As some democrats have proposed, raising the taxes on the wealthy would be economically destructive and the government would most likely use those new revenues for other government run programs. 


It is important we protect the healthcare so many rely on for their physician and hospital coverages. 

  • Congress should look to reforms making it easier for seniors to navigate the program, lower the financial costs on taxpayers, and give seniors more choices to fit their needs, better care, and lower costs. 



Just as we expect our men and women in uniform to be there for us, we must also be there for them when they return home. 

  • I will be a continued advocate to ensure our veterans receive the best quality care at the VA. 

  • I will fight for veterans to receive better access to care in the rural communities, fix our deteriorating VA hospitals, and help the VA continue putting veterans at the center of their care. 

  • I will work on updating transitioning benefits and courses and make sure we pave the way to success for every generation of veterans as they leave service. 

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